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A smart stunning application for Cafe, Restaurant, and many more business place about food and coffee. Design for Android and Windows platform make this application can handled for everyone. Ease to operate, just touch and your business run more controlled.

Figure 1. Hungry Waiter

Take your costumers order with this application, it can be made with a single touch without fear of going error in typing order. Other advantages are booking data will be immediately forwarded to the posts that require such data as the kitchen, the cashier and manager. Not only that, this application can display a wide range of the latest notifications each day. Then it will greatly help a waiter for looking how far the process of making food in the kitchen, and it would help also in the list of guests who had booked a table before. This app presented with an elegant display menu, nice color and easy to operate for everyone.

Cook It!
Figure 2. Hungry Chef

Kitchen had a hot atmosphere, strong and everything doing fast. Never use printed paper order again!, with this kithcen application your chefs wouldn’t spare their energy too much to manage printed paper order, the order will be shown all. Every order displayed coherently one by one among table. Your chefs wouldn’t miss any single order or mess an order. There are history order too, it very useful if sometime your chefs want to check the finished food.

Count & Get The Money
Figure 3. Hungry Cashier

When your ordered data confirmed and had cooked, it automatically became bill for the consumer. That billing data will be shown in this cashier app without input manually. Don’t worry if the consumer ask for split billing, because this application can handle tha request.

Figure 4. How to billing

Displayed with accurate information for pricing and calculating, plus feature for making reservation and packing order. Your billing data for that day will be automatically continued to manager application, so it’s not take more time again to have accountancy.

Be a Manager
Figure 5. Hungry Manager

Managers responsibilities in larger organisations may be mostly office-based, whereas managers of smaller establishments often have frequent contact with both customers and employees.

Figure 6. How to add preparation and reservation

With this application, a manager can mantain lot of things, like agreeing and managing budget, planning menus, promoting and marketing the business, overseeing stock levels, taking reservation, keeping statistical and financial records, and much more duties would handled easier.

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